Chris Packham brings A Wild Life Exposed to Exeter Northcott (news)

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Naturalist, photographer, TV presenter and author Chris Packham will host A Wild Life Exposed at Exeter Northcott this month.

Using a series of his astonishing images Chris Packham charts a quest to reflect the pure beauty of the nature he has long loved and dreamed of encountering.

His journey has wound from his roots in suburban Southampton to the far frozen poles and the sticky forests and searing deserts in between and brought him eye to eye with the humble and the fearful.

He tells his story and theirs, ponders his poor reflections of their perfection and asks what of their future?

Since first appearing on our screens as a presenter of The Really Wild Show, his love of all things wild has been evident in a string of broadcasting hits and he is rarely off our screens. His recent credits have included the shows Inside Out, Birdwatch and X-Creatures.

Informative, thought provoking and inevitably controversial, A Wild Life Exposed is also fun for all the family and studded with Chris’s trademark quick-witted and irreverent humour.

The show comes through the cameras and from the heart of one of the world’s most impassioned naturalists.

Chris Packham presents A Wild Life Exposed at Exeter Northcott on February 19, 2011. Tickets cost £15 from the Northcott website.

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