John Malkovich directs Julian Sands in a Celebration of Harold Pinter at Exeter Northcott (news)

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Hollywood star Julian Sands is set to appear in the John Malkovich-directed Celebration of Harold Pinter at Exeter Northcott this autumn.

Direct from the Edinburgh Fringe, Julian Sands in a Celebration of Harold Pinter has been packing houses and wowing the critics. Directed by legendary actor John Malkovich, this promises to be a truly unique evening of entertainment.

In 2005 Nobel laureate Harold Pinter was committed to reading a selection of his poems at a benefit for a women’s shelter at St Stephen Walbrook Church in London, but illness had impaired his speaking voice.

He asked Julian Sands, pictured, to step in — on the condition of spending time together, rehearsing the works.

Sands continued to read Pinter’s poems and prose, occasionally performing them at fundraising events.

Now, under the direction of John Malkovich, Sands will re-present the work as a celebration of Harold Pinter.

With reflections, commentaries and anecdotes drawn from their time together, Sands opens the door between Pinter’s poetry and theatre.

Harold Pinter is the author of over 30 stageplays and more than 25 filmed screenplays, and many poems and essays.

In 2005 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and continued to write and act until his death in 2008.

Julian Sands is a British actor whose films include Room with a View, The Killing Fields, Boxing Helena, Leaving Las Vegas, Time Code, Impromptu, Gothic, Naked Lunch, and Ocean’s 13. He will next be seen in David Fincher‘s Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.

Television credits range from playing Jack Bauer‘s nemesis in 24, Nick Hardaway in Stephen King‘s Rose Red, and Jor-El in Smallville.

John Malkovich is an actor, producer, director and more recently, fashion designer. He received Academy Award nominations for his roles in Places in the Heart and In the Line of Fire.

He has also appeared in critically acclaimed films such as Empire of the Sun, The Killing Fields, Dangerous Liaisons, Con Air, Of Mice and Men, Being John Malkovich, Johnny English, and Red.

John Malkovich directs Julian Sands in a Celebration of Harold Pinter at Exeter Northcott on September 15, 2011. Tickets cost £15.50 from the Northcott website.

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