Consortium of South Hams Artists exhibition 2012 at Market Hall Kingsbridge (news)

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The Consortium of South Hams artists presents its annual exhibition at the Market Hall in Kingsbridge this summer.

The show features the work of 10 local artists, and includes a wide range of fine arts – from oil and watercolour painting and printmaking to glass and ceramics.

Local views will, as always, be well represented. Tony Henderson shows a collection of light, lively watercolours, pictured, which hang alongside Allan Green’s sharp oil paintings, while Lesley Meir’s atmospheric oil paintings and pastels explore flower studies and landscape and beach scenes in lovely muted colours.

In contrast, Brian Harris paints in a more contemporary style, as well as making delightful models and automata.

Printmaking and mixed media will be represented by Maggie Smith, Emma Cook and Alison Veazey.

Maggie’s drypoints narrate tales from her vegetable garden and hen house, while Alison’s work is characterised by rich colour and texture in its exploration of landscape and pattern.

Emma’s most recent works in the Cascade series were developed as a collaborative project with her husband, the musician Mat Cook, and employ hand-sewn beadwork embellishing her calm white and turquoise painting and printmaking.

David Roberts produces striking forms in fused glass, and Penny Hegenbarth shows a wide range of functional and decorative ceramic and raku items, all displayed alongside Sheila Hegenbarth‘s decorative hand-made greetings cards which incorporate pressed flowers, beads and fabrics – each a little work of art in its own right.

The Consortium of South Hams Artists exhibition is at the Market Hall in Kingsbridge from July 2 to 7, 2012. Admission is free.

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