Poets And Painters exhibition at Harbour House in Kingsbridge (news)

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Poets And Painters, an exhibition celebrating the happy partnership between visual artists and poets, is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge this summer.

To complement the work on display, two separate poetry workshops will key in to the close relationship between art and poetry, and the exhibition also marks the launch of a book, Poets, Painters and Printmakers.

Sharing a common stimulus, six poets and eight artists have worked alongside one another over the last three years, every month or two making a field trip for creative inspiration.

Poet Ian Royce Chamberlain told SouthWestShows: “Our subject matter flows from expeditions to remote or atmospheric locations.

“Some work happens on the day, artists and writers thriving on the buzz of jointly focused creativity, each looking to grasp and hold the essence of place or situation. Others make copious notes or sketches for development later.

“The joy of being part of it is in sharing the collective heat from all those creative sparks.”

It’s no surprise that Dartmoor has retained a fascination for all involved, as the project grew from a creative dialogue initiated by two artists who felt moved to respond to poems by two members of the Moor Poets organisation.

As the group has grown, many sociable hours have been spent at Haytor Quarry, Foggintor Quarry, Spitchwick and Hound Tor.

But Dartmoor has by no means been the only source of inspiration, and the exhibition and book also include evidence of time spent at Sharpham, Mattiscombe and Slapton, as well as a significant section devoted to life drawing, painting and sculpture.

Poets And Painters is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge from July 24 to August 5, 2012. There will be readings of poetry at the Opening View on July 24 from 7pm, and admission is free. There is a small charge for the poetry workshops with Graham Burchell and Jennie Osborne on July 29 and 31, and places can be booked through

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