Live the high life with Nokia Lumia

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Nokia Lumia has demonstrated how it adds to the high life with a video showing the smartphone being used by a crane driver in London.

The Pureview London film shows what happened when the technology company gave a phone to crane driver Eugene to put through its paces. It offers up a clear idea of the clarity and scope for the smartphone to take pictures and video from the eye in the sky, as the stories of life unfolded below.

The Lumia comes with Nokia Smart Shoot, and the unique lens allows you to takes a series of photos with a single click.

It was also an ideal opportunity to check out some of the Lumia’s smartphone extras, like highlighting restaurants, hotels and sights when you point the camera at the scenery. This nifty little add-on is called the Nokia City Lens, and it’s part of the special features of the Windows smartphone.

Watch the video – take a look at how the Lumia performs, and show other people what you can see.

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