Madness in 2012

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It’s been an amazing year for Madness. Not only have the iconic group played at the Queen’s Jubilee, but they also were part of the Olympic closing ceremony… not to mention their two nights at the O2.

There’s something incredibly disarming about bands that have been there and done that – it’s as if they roll along with fate and fortune with a sanguine acceptance. Plans go awry, but if they keep plugging there will be something around the corner.

Madness’s 2012 is a perfect example. The planned album didn’t go ahead, but their time was filled with so much other stuff, it was probably just as well.

Added to that, there’s  a new single, which Suggs describes as a simple, sad song about a fella going to a discotheque, meeting someone and neglecting to get her name or number… doh! But as the video suggests, the lyrics might need tightening up.

You’d think after all these years of performing at the highest level, Madness would be used to surreal situations, but it turns out that before their performance at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics Suggs forgot the first line of Our House. Although listening to him describe the situation, is easy to see how that could happen.

Suggs was speaking backstage at the O2, and to find out his favourite Madness song is, just watch the movie, made all the more enjoyable by humming Our House… with the first line of lyrics, or course.

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