Rap takes on the motherhood

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The new Motherhood rap that accompanies Fiat’s 500 ad is something that any mother can identify with.

The trials and tribulations of motherhood are laid bare and put to a beat in this well observed, frank and funny ditty that treats motherhood, as just another hood, gangsta style – the mother in our office giggled and sighed throughout!

If you know what it means when living it large just means bigger, and all of a sudden you know the difference between a tractor and a digger, then you’ll appreciate where the ‘welcome to the motherhood’ lyrics are coming from.

You don’t have to be a mother… or a father for that matter, just to be faintly acquainted with someone who’s had kids to have got the whiff of their issues, stories and complaints. As the song says, ‘I’ve been flooding up your timeline with my baby news’.

It’s hard not to identify with the sentiment and be amused by the lyrics. If you don’t know, you can well imagine the story of mother who joined a book club just to drink some wine.

If all this is a little hard to take, then let us reassure you that there’s at least some closure at the end… kinda. That’s all we’ll say. Peace out.

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