Reach out and touch Switzerland to win a holiday there!

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Wisdom has it that success takes an inordinate amount of chipping away at. That knowledge seems well worth heading – literally – for a campaign that is offering thousands of prizes, including a winter break to Switzerland.

The Reach Out and Touch Switzerland campaign has huge blocks of Swiss ice pop in London at five locations. And all you need to do to win is free one of the 75 cards holding prize-winning codes. Enter the code onto the website, and hey presto, you could win an incredible winter holiday to Switzerland.

Freeing cards containing codes from the ice might seem an easy task – especially with the special app those thoughtful Swiss have provided – but take a look at the film to see the finger numbing and inventive approaches that could see people winging their way to Switerland to ski their way down the pristine slopes.

Things Swiss have the essence of winter luxury, and the ice blocks themselves are a beauty to behold.

And if you need convincing of the joys of winter get aways to snowy magical slopes, ski and snowboard instructurs can give you the low-down and all the fun and enjoyment.



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