Handmade jewellery at 45 Southside in Plymouth (news)

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Handmade jewellery at 45 Southside in Plymouth

A range of handmade jewellery will be on show at 45 Southside Gallery in Plymouth from this month.

A selection of styles and materials will be on display at 45 Southside Gallery, including silver, embroidered, ceramic and wirework jewellery.

The artists featured include Sarah Fell, Anne Cope, Frances Spice, Remon Jephcott, Julie Murdoch George, Sarah McCormack, Beverley Bailey and Kate Packer.

Kate Packer, whose work is pictured, recently graduated from Plymouth College of Art. Her work is a mass of animals, insects, pods and vegetables.

Nature is the foundation and persistent inspiration for her work, interpreted through the interlacing of the thread-like wire that she twists and weaves to shape to form her designs.

Delicate yet strong, Kate’s sculptural wire-work is made from thin colour-coated copper wire, and black florist wire.

Cornwall-based ceramic artist Remon Jephcott‘s jewellery has been inspired by the Victorians’ love of insect jewellery of all types, which reflected their fascination with classifying nature.

Each piece goes through several kiln firings, from the initial bisque firing to the final lustre firing, which gives each piece its precious quality.

The handmade jewellery exhibition is at 45 Southside, on the Barbican in Plymouth, until February 28, 2013. See the 45 Southside website for details.

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