Tim Andrews exhibition at 45 Southside in Plymouth (news)

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Tim Andrews exhibition at 45 Southside in Plymouth

A new exhibition by potter Tim Andrews, is at 45 Southside Gallery in Plymouth this spring.

Internationally renowned and collected but locally-based, Tim Andrews has gained a reputation for his distinctive smoke-fired and raku ceramics.

Many works are black and white with linear decoration or burnished with muted coloured slips.

His pieces have been acquired for both public and private collections and are exhibited widely across the UK and abroad.

His latest work was inspired by a visit to China, where he visited old Sung Dynasty kiln sites.

He has since mastered some very difficult techniques and challenges to combine raku, porcelain and black stoneware.

Tim has been working as a potter for more than 35 years starting as an apprentice to David Leach in the late 1970s.

Tim told SouthWestShows: “The raku firing process continues to surprise and frustrate me. Of all ceramic methods, raku in particular prefers to remain feral by nature, refusing to be tied down or controlled.

“Of course, that is its appeal as well as its frustration. I still find working within a limited colour palette provides endless

“The same raw materials have been used for centuries: clay – river washed and stratified, metal oxides and minerals from the ground used to produce colour and depth in glazes.

“The historical and material gaps are small. Human intervention and expression transforms and imparts meaning that we can all engage with.

“Linear decoration using smoke and ‘resist’ remains a favourite technique – black, white and just a few glazes.

“The ‘soft’ burnished or glazed surfaces, for me, lend a warmth and intimacy to the pieces, integrating form and decoration.”

The Tim Andrews exhibition is at 45 Southside, on the Barbican in Plymouth, from March 2 to 31, 2013. Find out more on the 45 Southside website.

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