Cherry Lyons, Wendy Chudley and Jenni Pentecost at Harbour House (news)

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Cherry Lyons, Wendy Chudley and Jenni Pentecost at Harbour House

Vibrant Images, Vibrant Artists, with work by Cherry Lyons, Wendy Chudley and Jenni Pentecost, is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge this summer.

Vibrant Images, Vibrant Artists is a lively and varied exhibition of paintings and printmaking by three south Devon artists.

Inspired by nature and the local landscape and coastline, Cherry Lyons, Wendy Chudley and Jenni Pentecost show a new collection of paintings in oils, acrylics, watercolours and pastels.

Each of the artists enjoys exploring and sharing new techniques and themes, exhibiting widely, and producing work for commission.

Between them they belong to a number of art societies, and value the supportive networks that artists build up through the sharing of ideas and perspectives.

Cherry told SouthWestShows: “We enjoy a shared passion for nature’s seasonal tapestry of colour, and through our diversity of styles and interpretations of life we capture the drama and essence of place in our paintings.”

Cherry Lyons, whose work is pictured, is an experimental watercolour, oil, acrylics, pastel and mixed media artist.

She particularly enjoys the risks and challenges of unpredictable and spontaneous watercolour techniques.

Cherry adds texture to her work by collaging with organic elements, and her themes include the sea, landscapes and wildlife from her worldwide travels.

Cherry said: “I am particularly attracted to irridescent light on water, powerful waves crashing onto rocks, the sensation of textures that demand touch, a shaft of light breaking through clouds, or our moorland enveloped in dramatic climatic conditions.

“The dynamic but unpredictable nature of watercolours and mixed media gives me the spontaneity to capture these fleeting, atmospheric moments in time.”

Wendy Chudley works from sketches and photographs, developing her work with watercolour, Artisan oils and pastels.

Each medium presents its own challenges, and Wendy has enjoyed learning from workshops and courses run by a number of artists.

She said: “Most of my work is inspired by the variety of stunning landscapes, from crashing waves and clear blue seas to rolling hills and open moorland.

“Every day there is something new to paint, with the landscape always changing as the south-westerly winds blow in the clouds that bring changes in light, colour and atmosphere.”

Jenni Pentecost is a creative artist who enjoys experimenting with new techniques and textures to add to the strong sense of composition and tonal contrast in her paintings.

She is inspired by the seasonal changes in colour, light and mood of the west country.

Jenni said: “I see potential images from a wealth of natural forms – the dramatic shapes of wind-ravaged trees on coast or moors, and textures in weathered rocks and stone walls.

“I then absorb the wonderful colours, mood and atmosphere to reflect my inner love of nature through my paintings. But ultimately, my work is for people to enjoy and see in them what they choose.”

Vibrant Images, Vibrant Artists, with paintings by Cherry Lyons, Wendy Chudley and Jenni Pentecost, is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge from May 21 to June 2, 2013. Admission is free – see the Harbour House website for details.

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