Loving The Beach exhibition at Harbour House in Kingsbridge (news)

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Loving The Beach exhibition at Harbour House in Kingsbridge

Loving The Beach, an exhibition of beachcombers’ art with a twist, is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge this summer.

Have you ever seen a 7.5 metre mermaid? There will be one on display at the Loving The Beach exhibition at Harbour House.

There will also be a beach tent where you can view time-lapse photography, a sandpit where you can build and photograph your creations, and a ‘stained glass’ window made from plastic bottles.

Known as The House Group, Alison Theaker, Rod Birtles and Ella Theaker present a thought-provoking collection of work including photography, painting, and a surprising array of mixed media works all exploring our relationship with the coastal environment that is so characteristic of the South Hams.

Guest artists Rosie Burns, Sylvia Kus and Emma Carter will show paintings, jewellery and sculpture produced in response to the project.

Five local primary schools will also be involved in the scheme, taking part in a half-day beach-clean and education workshop with marine and coastal ecology expert Maya Plass.

They will then use collected materials to create large scale artworks in a series of three one-day workshops with local art teacher Sadie Medway.

Many of the artworks will be made from found man-made objects, including fishing waste, tourists’ litter, and flotsam and jetsam.

The artists involved are inspired by the coast and the beaches, and feel it is important to express both that inspiration and their concerns about threats to the environment.

Loving The Beach is at Harbour House from July 30 to August 4, 2013. Admission is free – see the Harbour House website for details.

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