Seizing The Moment exhibition at Harbour House in Kingsbridge (news)

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Seizing The Moment exhibition at Harbour House in Kingsbridge

Seizing The Moment, with art by Margaret Deans, Christine Linfield and Anne Scarratt, is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge this summer.

Seizing The Moment is an exhibition of travel paintings exploring the wilder and less frequented parts of the landscape.

Margaret Deans, Christine Linfield and Anne Scarratt present their third joint exhibition at Harbour House.

Having worked together for 12 years, they regularly paint together in Devon, Cornwall and Scilly, and have just set off for their third visit to Shetland.

While working in Cornwall towards this exhibition, Margaret Deans, whose work is pictured, found that the unpredictable weather encouraged a shift in practice.

She told SouthWestShows: “I have been enjoying the sudden shifts of light that illuminate the land, the dark sky which enhances the colours of land and sea, the clarity of an early morning frosty sun, and the rarity value of days when I could work outside.

“My work begins on site, with the elements playing their part and, whether completed on site or revisited in the studio, it always stems from the experience of being in the landscape.

“Working primarily in mixed media, focusing on abstract shapes and colour, I seek to evoke the potent mix of landscape and weather, seizing the moment as it happens.”

Christine Linfield lives and works on Dartmoor, her inspiration coming from land, sea and constantly shifting weather patterns.

She said: “Whenever possible I work on site. Walking in the landscape is an integral part of the process of making paintings, and increasingly I sense the need and the power of the process of returning to familiar places.

“Much of my work is concerned with an embodied response to the elements, looking, remembering – the wind in the face, the soft bogginess of the moor – captured moments distilled and put down in paint, seizing the fleeting moments, capturing lines of light, a break in the cloud that is there one minute and gone the next.”

Christine’s smaller landscapes are painted on panels outdoors, and the larger ones on canvas or board in the studio using for reference the smaller paintings, sketches, and the memory of the experience.

For Anne Scarratt, the concept of seizing the moment represents taking whatever the weather has to offer, even at its gloomiest, and using it to transmit her feelings into paint.

She said: “Last winter I took a small sketchbook around the deserted lanes of our village, trying to look anew at the familiar landscapes and vistas.

“Trees, gateways and fields were scarcely visible at times, and new colours, mostly mixed on the canvas, were required to render the feeling of enclosure created by the damp atmosphere.

“From this beginning I continued in the clearing weather – it became something of a quest to seek out more overlooked places which offered an opportunity of depicting these unspoilt Devon lanes.”

Seizing The Moment is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge from August 6 to 18, 2013. Admission is free – see the Harbour House website for more details.

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