Pairs exhibition at Harbour House in Kingsbridge (news)

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Pairs exhibition at Harbour House in Kingsbridge

An exhibition of art works produced in complementing or contrasting pairs is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge this autumn.

Ten artists show new works in diptych format, or in some way explore the concept of pairs.

We are all famililar with art works created as single items to be viewed individually, although many artists return again and again to favourite subjects.

For this exhibition the artists involved have intentionally created new work to be seen in pairs, either complementing or contrasting in subject, style and medium.

Derek Symons, from whose orginal idea the exhibition grew and whose work is pictured, told SouthWestShows: “I have expressed one subject with different emphases and also from a different physical viewpoint.

“Quick drawings made in the life studio have been re-expressed in paint, still life is being explored in style and colour, repeating pattern can move towards abstraction, and Fore Street in Kingsbridge has two sides.”

Working in series, and producing a number of works exploring a theme, is part of the way many of the artists approach their work.

Ysabel Winzar said: “Each piece in isolation is very different when put in context with another of the same series, each informing the next.

“A painting of a bunch of summer sweet peas and a painting of a cosmos daisy provide two flower paintings, but to consider the composition and treatment of the subject in paint or printmaking provides a very different approach when two pieces of work are to hang together.”

The exhibition will include a wide range of printmaking, painting and mixed media work, as well as sculpture and a short animated film by Crooknose.  It features the comedic duo Le Piff and Le Poff, who will appear as sculptures in the gallery.

The artist, also known as David Hasell, runs a popular cartoon club for young animators at Harbour House.

Joanna Martins shows a series of cold-cast and hot-cast bronze animals, including cats and hares. Her response to the concept of pairs is in the interaction between the animal forms.

Alison Veazey‘s mixed media works explore striking and contrasting compositions and colours within the landscape of the Lake District, while Emma Cook‘s delicate mixed media works are hand-stitched and embelleshed pieces of printmaking, based on her memories of Venice, and in particular focusing on the Venice Arches.

Ian Carr‘s work is called Six Pairs, and is designed so that any two panels in any orientation will fit pleasingly together.

Sarah Peart‘s acrylic paintings depict the similarities and contrasts between the external and internal worlds, exploring ideas of reality and perception, and Jane Hasell shows a series of interpretations of our local environment, typically characterised by an ethereal mood and an ambiguous use of shape and form. Alongside her oil paintings, she will show textile wall-hangings.

Rosemary Moser‘s oil paintings, sculpure and printmaking explore the flora, fauna and landscape of her surroundings in the South Hams.  She is also inspired by figures and dance, from formal ballroom dancing to the joyous and informal night club scene.

Pairs is at Harbour House in Kingsbridge from October 1 to 13, 2013. Admission is free – see the Harbour House website for details.

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