Patrick Dempsey prepares for Le Mans

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We all know that to be successful, preparation is key, especially if you’re part of a team, but this Le Mans team might be taking it a bit far.

Take a look at the film, and see how this team have taken their track work home. And if one of the drivers looks familiar, it’s because he’s TV heartthrob Patrick Dempsey – you know, the guy from Grey’s Anatomy.

The film shows how he and Le Mans team mates Patrick Long and Joe Foster get ready for the famous 24-hour race.

Hollywood star Patrick is a massive Porsche fan and the short movie shows the dedication needed to prepare for the most intensive endurance race in the world, whether that’s on the track, or chilling out in a luxurious chateauu in the hinterland of France.

All of them drive for the Porsche Motorsports team, which will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 911 at Le Mans.

Patrick Long said: “It’s a great year for Porsche, with the 50th Anniversary of the 911, the 991 project in GTE-Pro and, of course, the Dempsey Del Piero Racing effort here at Le Mans.”

And according to the driver, their Hollywood team mate is the real deal.

“Patrick has a lot of energy and he trains hard at the sport. A lot of times people assume that a Hollywood actor is going to come in and sort of look the part, play the part and then go home, but Patrick is a real competitor, he loves the sport,” said Long.

But what about Mr Heart-throb, how does he see the Le Mans experience?

“It’s a tremendous honour driving for Porsche with their history at Le Mans… and a little bit of pressure,” says Dempsey.

“I think, for me, the Le Mans challenge mentally is the biggest. Staying focused, not worrying about what was going on around me but to just focus on the job at hand. Once you got in the car, quite honestly, that was the easiest thing to deal with. I was more relaxed in the car than I was out of it. I do get sleep but it is not the same as when you are not at the track. Everything is so much more intense at a 24-hour race, and that includes even your sleep, but I am able to do it.”

That’s why preparation is key. Take a look at the movie and see how Patrick and his team mates prepare, and click through to see more of Patrick Dempsey and the Porsche team at Le Mans.

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